by Aeon of Horus

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Travis Xero
Travis Xero thumbnail
Travis Xero Great Progressive/Technical Death Metal Favorite track: Dissipate.
Chuck D
Chuck D thumbnail
Chuck D A heavier and more technical Evergrey. AoH brilliantly incorporates death blast beats and speed riffs with slower melodies, background synths and even jazz and progressive elements. The growls are refined and clear and fit perfectly with both the heavier and melodic parts. This is not a straight brutality band but is a really well put together album of solid songs.
alex miller
alex miller thumbnail
alex miller just farkin awesome, from start to finish this album/ band SLAY
ArpKor thumbnail
ArpKor Melodic, progressive and chaotic but still damn well adjusted deathmetal. Definitely something else, thank to those epic calm-parts! 4/5 fists for these dudes! Favorite track: Radiate.
Dan Strain
Dan Strain thumbnail
Dan Strain Best progressive death metal album ive heard in a long time. Fantastic mix of ambience, melody and heaviness. Brilliant!
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released March 3, 2014

All music written by Aeon of Horus
Lyrics written by Andy Annand
Produced by Aeon of Horus
Mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs at Split Second Sound Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Drums recorded and engineered at the Brain Recording Studios in Sydney, Australia by Clayton Segelov
Guitar, bass, vocals and keyboards recorded in Canberra, Australia by Aeon of Horus
Release Intro recorded and engineered by Jesse Sewell in Canberra, Australia

Guitar solo on Dissipate by Ryan Williams
Additional guitar on Radiate by Josh Micallef
Additional vocals on Release by Adam Agius
Artwork and photos by Jon Hocking Design



all rights reserved


Aeon of Horus ACT, Australia

New album 'Existence' out 3 March

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Track Name: Refraction
Curled upon itself to cower
As the pressure begins to rise
It shakes as its breath escapes
To look upon the nothingness

Bleak is the only description
Forever burning its eyes
To feel again it retreats
Only with the cold and darkness to exist
With a level of intoxication
It judges and subjugates its peers
Its yearns just to stretch its wings
The only stimulant is the fractal embrace of energies

The reflection turns
The refraction soars
Leaving not a name
To what the shadow stalks
This no name entity
With its eyes sealed shut
Sustained by the ecstasy
It brings to disregard

Watch as the bending light
distorts into a new picture
of one that which dissolves

It has found itself and risen a new
With-out a precursor to revere
This gestating consciousness now looms over the seed
This new order is strong, exiled and blind
It has evolved into something much more...
Track Name: Radiate
Spirals centre…
Wavelengths stretch this medium
Living with this instant all for another creature
Careless, devoid of emotion
Painless, fearless
Cognitive superior

Brainwave resonates in an invisible spectrum
It feels hundreds of trillions connected
Transmit neurons
Infuse, surpass
Enrich, advance
Nameless master…God?

Penetrating flame and forest
Dust and the darkness.....
An essence for want of better term
Exists without the observation of another

Its vision has become irrelevant
No longer does the resilience of a single sense
Play any factor in the existence of one
Nor many for that singular expectation
It has many webs transported in the wind

Forever cycled through the absolute zero
Warping, twisted through the mental fabrication
Stemming from star fused active biochemistry
....then spiral, centre, radiate
This new state of matter... its conscience
Track Name: Symbiosis
It is as a drug to the senses
A dependence to destroy hope and elation
To welcome the invader with open arms
Is to evolve beyond the husk of man
It survives with the pulse of two hearts
Perceive the energies with two sets of eyes
And interprets in unison with the negative charge
Embrace the philosophy with exultation

It eludes the voice that requests it to close
Dependent upon the destruction of within

Fuse, join

Fuse, Join

The conflict of the multiples
Is seen in the expansion of the one
Its born by accepting the pointless
Tied to the advancement of the selfless

It has a partner
And it accepted the one
Its name is madness
And its symmetry
Track Name: Release
The strengthening bonds twist ever tighter
Like helix tendrils that ebb and flow
Waves crash relentless
Shrouded without….

It is that same instance...
The reoccurrence of a moment
Many times endured
Each deluge an undertow
To burn for that instinct
Is to suffer a mindless delusion

Repeated patterns projected upon the fabric of all
The particles release
Interference reflecting the hologram

Receive, interpret then act upon
Thus was the process to exist
Until eyes were burnt in their sockets

To endure that desire
Is to beckon a catalyst
Emanate into everywhere
The particles release
From the windows of perception
The particles release
Emanate into everywhere
Emanate into everything
This sphere, this release
Track Name: Dissipate
It has faded, relieved of function with this decrepit capsule
Standing, gazing from afar
Shifting the light weaved into completed patterns
No need for the passage of time
No reason to reflect broken silence

Seething, writhing from the sidelines
Neglecting any valour it owes to its species
The decipherer of the coded fantasy
It needs only to avoid making its footprint
It needs not the casing for its system
The throne envelopes the crown
For now it holds the key
Without instinct to hold the reins

For nevermore should the wavelengths hold
In this cerebrum
Its aura extends
Like a greater heliosphere
Through all dimensional fields
Each atom projects the full
Accelerate across inflation
To rest in entropy

Now, escape the confines of the forces
Restraint is the casing of flesh
It realises that in order to evolve
It must release the mortal coil
It must not fear the cold
Energies vibrate through the sphere
To dissipate into the hologram

No limit no boundary
To what makes it a whole
Extends into every aspect
Across oceans of time
Track Name: Antithesis
Before light, in anticipation of the core
Echoes thereof shifting visions
Nothing upon all matter and substance
Dispel its instinct

Its nature beheld the cosmic eternal
What is this cold and featureless construct?
Austere and hollow events and emotions
You shall not see it

What was once in the process, obsolete
Is now the nexus through the end
A single image refracted in silence

The evolving cancer exposed
Unwilling to release the additional parallels
A fire gleams bright in its eyes
To erupt and blanket the world in revolt

Blank, distorted viral cognition cortex
Depictions of eloquence rendered in pulse wave expansions

Nothing can rise complex forever
As it will always resolve
The understanding of a species
Mitigates its own inception to chaos

The expansion forever held onto this vision
Cascading consciousness
Levels evolved millennia
Into an instant, in that instant it is forgotten
No one knows….
Track Name: Resolve
Through the course of this advance
The evolution from body to mind
A mind of matter and its energy

With a thought it feels the warmth of a distant furnace
With a glance elements form pulled from an event horizon
The matrix it seems, is no less than its been
And will be more than can be imagined

Fuelled by atomic decay
Absorbing through the vortices
Like a pulse wave through a matter rich medium
All things have come and gone from a single moment
This entity….
The orb aligns together
Reality based life form

There is always a new pattern to understand
Forever an experience to unfold
With no restriction it can be malleable
It can be proud and controlling of an instinct
One pressurised orb to dance with another
Wavers in the vast

Never again will power be implied
No... It is now and for all time.
All Time

Radiating across the expansive theatre
No barriers for the stage in which it is played
This new sign of intelligence
The new peak in evolution
It is the master of existence